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Most exercise videos are done with females whose dress sizes are 2-3, or with muscle-bound 6-pack men, and that's great. However, I want to relate to REAL AMERICA, i.e. sizes 14 16, 18, 20, and above. I want to show you what you can do at any age and at any size. 

All videos on this page are free. Watch as much as you'd like.


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Our Services


Lasting Substance Abuse Recovery

Are you tired of yoyo recovery, slip ups, and relapses with any of the following top worldwide causes of illnesses/deaths:

 alcohol, cigarettes, overweight/obesity and narcotics.  Body Bodacious Today offers proven techniques that you and I will use to bring about lasting recovery from these substance abuses.  


call/text 301 636-0369



Learn the best menu plans to keep your body in fantastic healthy,  fitness and wellness shape from a trained nutritionist, at any age.


call/text 301 636-0369



Learn the importance of providing exercise programs that meets the needs of your body.  This includes height, weight, age, body mass, body index, any health issues. etc. Our ten years, Certified Personal Trainer offers to you success programs that include whatever your needs are


bodybodacioustoday@comcast.netcall/text:  301 636-0369

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