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Body Bodacious Today was founded by Dr. Shirley A Walton, (aka Shirl.), in 2014. She is a Certified Fitness Trainer with credentials in eating disorders, and nutrition. She has a Certificate of Completion in therapeutic Facilitated Stretching, Nutrition, Working with Adults, Breast Cancer, and Chronic Diseases. To schedule an appointment, with Shirl, do one of the following: 1. fill out the contact form on this site, 2. email her at, or call/text: 202-240-0676.

Why us?

  YOU SAVE MONEy!!!  Shirl is a Certified Fitness Trainer YOU .Save money. She holds a National Board approval certificate of completion in PNF therapeutic and physical massages. She also has a certificate of completion in hot/cold stone massages and is knowledgeable in breast cancer recovery exercises, chronic diseases, managing diabetes, and nutrition. She has written several books, including: "The Thorn Among The Rosebuds," How To Purchase Real Estate Using Other Peoples Money". and Breast Cancer Recovery Exercises". She is committed to giving her clients the best of her services at the best of affordable prices. She is currently writing a book on how she got out of thousands of dollars in debt on a low/fixed income within six months.

We also work with, as well as, treat our clients with the utmost of care. We add our own brand of what we call "The Personal Touch." Our Clients receive recognition, praise, rewards, prizes, certificates of improvement, Special Discounts,and a host of other methods of appreciation as they accomplish each of their goals.

Our mission is to do whatever we need to help you to make your dreams come true.  

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